The Deck produces original filmed content for  mobile apps, brands, creative agencies, events organisers and corporate clients.

Recent clients and partners include Google, DFS, Oracle, INSEAD, Music Matters Live, Singapore Grand Prix and many more.




The Deck provides comprehensive production services for international clients.

Services include location scouting, casting, gear and crew booking, transport, accommodation, catering, insurance etc.

We can also facilitate speciality filming services including underwater and aerial filming.




We were asked by Duty Free Services (DFS) to produce a film documenting the making of the logo for Singapore's new T Galleria store.

We spent a week with Artist X/Y at his studio, to find out his inspiration behind the design and how he sees his home as the hub for travel in the world.

Directed & Edited by Jon Moore
DP, Chris Dickinson
Post Production at The Deck
Agency: Waggener Edstrom



CHINA with Oracle

A five day shoot for IT giant Oracle takes The Deck from the streets of Shanghai to the mountain villages of Anhui province.

The film tells the story of Ying, who leaves her remote village for life in Shanghai. Using Yihaodian's online shopping portal and nationwide delivery infrastructure - empowered by Oracle Exadata - Ying is able to make sure her parents back home are getting all the food and provisions they need.

Written and Directed by Jon Moore at The Deck
Director of Photography Chris Dickinson

Shot on C300 and now in post-production.

Thanks to Lee Chi Shun and his team at A+B in Shanghai for their production support, casting of actors and finding some great locations.



MALDIVES with Oracle

Filming with the C300 on Maafushi Island.

The Deck's latest corporate job took us to The Maldives to showcase the partnership between The Maldives Police and Oracle. 

Thanks to Justin Keen of Oracle and DoP Chris Dickinson.

Now in post-production, the final film will be released some time in May.



Rapha Returns!

The Deck's latest contribution to The Rapha Continental series is in post production. Our last film, shot among the volcanoes of Central Java has now been viewed on Vimeo almost 35,000 times. Hoping that Sa Pa gets even more hits.

Thanks to the Rapha team for having us along on the trip. A real expedition, with a flight to Hanoi followed by an overnight sleeper train up into the mountains close to the China border.

The original music score for this film is being composed by Melbourne based composer Aaron D'Arcy of Ripon Studios.

The film was directed and is being edited by Jon Moore at The Deck.

Here are some stills taken by filming partner and photographer Andrew Loiterton.



Perfect Duo!

Thanks to a partnership with production company The Deck, School of Digital Media and Infocomm Technology students from Singapore Polytechnic got a taste of live music production at Music Matters Live 2012, part of the All That Matters Music and Digital Conference in Singapore.




The Deck ventured deep into volcano country to shoot our latest film.

Three days on the road - and unsealed tracks - with the cycling team from Rapha. The trip took us up 25% gradients in 42 degree heat and pushed the team to the limit as they took on seven of Java's volcanoes, including smoking Mount Merapi.

Filmed and edited by Jon Moore and post-produced at The Deck's Singapore studio.

Stay tuned for the next episode in The Ring Of Fire, somewhere in Southeast Asia.
Thanks to Adam Horler, Adam Taylor-Campbell and the rest of the Rapha team in Singapore and Hong Kong.

And special thanks to Bryan Hoare at Mesastila Resort in Java.

Find out more about the Rapha range of cycling clothing and accessories at




The Deck partnered with Singapore Polytechnic this week to produce three days of live coverage from the main stage at Music Matters Live, part of the All That Matters Music and Digital conference in Singapore.

The initiative was a two-way partnership to help promote undiscovered international music artists, while giving local students the opportunity to gain experience of live production.

The live HD YouTube webcast was the first of its kind in Singapore. More than forty international bands performed for a total of eighteen hours as The Deck took twenty-five students from keen and green to slick and professional, all with a budget of $0.

Jon Moore looks on as Shawn Ang directs his five
cameras and Shandis Wong edits feature packages
Visiting VIPs from Discovery Channel, MTV, CNN, SXSW, YouTube, Google, GraceNote, Singapore Tourism Board and many more poured on praise as they watched the young crew drive the five-camera setup under the guidance of Producer Jon Moore of The Deck, Nicholas Chu of Singapore Polytechnic, Streaming Director John Wigglesworth and Senior Cameraman Chris Dickinson.

A key part of the production setup included a split-track audio recording and dedicated broadcast mix of the performances, handled by the polytechnic's music and audio recording students and supervised by Geoffrey Low.

The bands performing live included Gary Nock (UK), Kate Miller-Heidke (Australia), Early Rise (Israel), Midnight Youth (New Zealand), Dustin MacGahee (USA) and Manafest (Canada) together with a strong lineup of regional artists from Singapore, Malaysia, Korea and China.

YouTube registered tens of thousands of hits and the Music Matters Live Facebook page Likes soared to more than 55,000 as the weekend got underway. Some of the footage will be used in a one-hour feature to be broadcast on MTV this month.

For some of the best live music coverage you're likely to see on a shoestring, check out Day 3 of, Directed and Vision-Mixed by 19-year-old Shawn Ang, who had never cut live music or keyed a super before the morning of the event.


Special thanks to Sony and Panasonic for providing some of the key equipment.

MUSIC MATTERS LIVE is owned and operated by Branded Ltd.



Music Matters Live on YouTube

Just one week to go!

The Deck is the official production company for this year's Music Matters Live, partnering with Singapore Polytechnic to webcast live coverage of more than 40 international bands performing on the main stage at The Cannery in Singapore.

Watch live each evening from May 24th to 26th at

Singapore Telecommunications LimitedAMPedYouTubeMedia Development Authority of Singapore (MDA)MTVThe Singapore Tourism Board (STB)Clark Quay



Across Java with Rapha

Packing for our next trip - The Deck is making the official film for the next episode in Rapha's Continental cycling series.

The Ring of Fire takes cyclists on "roads less traveled" through North America, Japan, Europe, Australia and Southeast Asia.

During our four-day adventure across Java, we'll stop off at the ancient temple of Borabudur, climb smoking Mt Merapi, cycle through tea plantations, past rice fields and stop off to taste Java coffee.

Thanks to Adam Horler of Rapha for getting The Deck on board. And good luck to the cyclists!

Find out more here.




Jon Moore directed a corporate shoot for TATA COMMUNICATIONS for AsiaWorks Television this week. Helped once again by DOP Chris Dickinson.



The Shaw Must Go On!

Goa to Pokhara, two weeks and 3000km through India and Nepal in a 150cc Auto-Rickshaw! In September 2009 we signed up for The League of Adventurists' Autumn Rickshaw Run. We put three complete strangers behind the handlebars and joined sixty other teams on a unique, bizarre and totally unforgettable journey from the shores of the Arabian Sea to the foothills of the Himalayas.

Tiger infested jungles, monsoon floods, river crossings, Delhi belly, and more than one empty petrol tank - would they make it? What would they have to do to get there? How would they get along as they bumped cheek-to-cheek for ten hours a day?

From quaint Goa, climbing through Maharashtra, exploring the forts of Madhya Pradesh, threading through the side-streets of Bhopal, crossing the Ganges to the ghats of Varanassi and on to the serenity of Lumbhini - the birthplace of Buddha - and to the Himalayas beyond.



Electrico "Faces"

Recorded overnight in a studio somewhere in the heartlands of Singapore. Thanks to Dave, William, Desmond, Marcia and the crew for their hard work that night. We saw the sun come up.