"Hassan's Story" selected to open Larry Ellison's Keynote at Oracle Openworld 2013 in San Francisco.

Earlier this year, The Deck traveled to Maldives to make a film showing how the Maldives Police is empowered by Oracle's Exadata.

The film received great response from Oracle's head creative, branding, sales and marketing execs on both sides of the Pacific. It was selected as the final play-on film leading into CEO Larry Ellison's Keynote address at this year's Oracle OpenWorld  at Redwood Shores HQ in San Francisco.

The film was shot on C300, took in locations on Male' and on Maafushi Island and involved a handful of actors. Casting, locations and fishing boat expertly sourced by Maldives-based production company Blue N White.

See below too, for the back-story. 

The next in the series, "Ying's Story", shot in Shanghai and Anhui Province is currently in the final stages of post-production. Two further films in the Australian Outback and Sichuan, China are already in pre-production.

Written and Directed by Jon Moore
Director of Photography Chris Dickinson
Executive Producer Justin Keen for Oracle Brand and Creative

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